Our Story

Welcome Goddesses to my beautiful brands

My name is Caroline Martelli, I am a Make-Up Artist, Hair Stylist and Founder of Martelli Goddess & MSkin Mineral Cosmetics, I have created these indulgent beautiful brands
Martelli Goddess is 
MSkin Natural Anti Ageing Skincare
Mineral Cosmetics
MBody Bodycare
M Essence Home Essentials
My journey 24 years in the beauty industry - started again after losing everything, my belief created my new destiny that you can build a big business & still have a big heart & the belief I am passing onto my daughter, that you can achieve whatever you want to if you are prepared to work hard for it!
When it comes to Ageing, I understand that we all want to slow the process down, there is nothing like the feel of smooth, radiant glowing skin!
My indulgent brands have been designed to help repair skin to a youthful glow. In MSkin we use the highest grade natural botanical plant oils, boosted by pure essential oils, vitamins & minerals that rejuvenate & replenish tired & dehydrated skin. MSkin is the ultimate in 'Skinfood'.
I created this holistic natural skincare & my mineral cosmetics to offer the best in creating an easy no fuss approach to youthful complexion as we age. My Mineral Cosmetics is not heavy to wear!
Allowing your skin to breathe, promoting a radiant healthy sun kissed glow.
My brands are as kind, pure & simple as they are beautiful. My Mineral Cosmetics is full of anti-oxidants & natural oils, is totally paraben, talc & cruelty free, NO TESTING ON ANIMALS! Combining Martelli Goddess MSkin & Mineral Cosmetics is wonderful even for the most sensitive skin, leaving you looking truly flawless & luminous all day long.
Allowing your 'Inner Goddess to Shine'.
I have been offering my exclusive Collections through Retreats & Personalised Consultations Pop Up Stores for over 13 years now within New Zealand & Australia, I have also reached out into the Middle East in Abu Dhabi. I love to travel  working with clients & showcasing my brands with Masterclasses &  Consultations.
You can purchase my brands in a convenient way online thru my website martelligoddess.com
I pride myself on continually striving to give the best products & customer service to my ever growing client base - All I ever want is my clients to fall in love with my products, loving how their skin feels & have the confidence of who they are - We are all Beautiful in our own skin!
I do hope you LOVE using your beautiful products xxx
nz brand | handmade in nz | cruelty free